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Cloud computing is a huge opportunity. But to get the most value for your organization you need to clearly understand the potential of cloud. EMC Cloud Optimizer helps you cut through the clutter, by helping you to understand how public, private, and hybrid cloud models can create new business opportunities and drive efficiency.


EMC Cloud Advisory Service

Optimizing you cloud strategy to lower costs and improve business agility

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Virtual Data Center Servcies

Virtualization brings dramatic cost and flexibility savings. EMC Consulting Virtualized Data Center Solutions helps you realize these benefits faster by building and enterprise-scale architecture that is flexible, agile, and aligned to you business requirements

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Cloud Services and Solution For VMware Environments

Accelerate the business benefits of your virtual infrastructure - Successful virtualization initiatives begin with a well-thought-out strategy and a clear understanding of the impact of virtualization on IT and the business.

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Why EMC Consulting

As data continues its exponential growth, business requires agility to develop new business models and faster-to-market capabilities. EMC Consulting prepares clients to think critically about their greatest challenges to develop strategies that rationalize and organise the use of information

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Is Virtualization A Means To An End?

Posted by Keng Choong on Feb 10 2012

One of my customer was an early adopter of VMware. Initially, the drivers were cost savings and DC floor space. But after virtualizing a significant number of servers, and achieving the CapEx and floor space savings, the excitement has died down. It is "no longer interesting anymore", they commented during one of my meetings with them. They are now exploring new technology to be incorporated to their IT Plan for 2012..

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Understanding Operational Impacts

Posted by Keng Choong on Feb 2 2012

Recently, I have been given a speaker slot to talk about operational challenges and impacts resulting from Virtualization and Journey to the Cloud. Although I have dealt with this topic many times, but speaking to a group of Architects and Engineers and trying to get their attention and the message across to them is always challenging.

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Virtualization vs Private Cloud
Is Virtualization the same with Private Cloud? Are we already running a Private Cloud?

Written on November 21, 2011 by Keng Leong

One of the common question or misconception that I encountered during my customer engagements is that : "I am already running a private cloud because I have virtualized a good proportion of my servers." or "What is the difference between server virtualization and private cloud?"

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Cloud Economics: Is Public Cloud Cheaper Than Private Cloud?

- Build Your Own Model with the "5Cs"

Written on November 21, 2011 by Keng Leong

In one of the reports published by IDC, it shows that there are 5 key factors that influence the decision around Public and Private Cloud services, as shown below. Similarly, you can use the same factors to develop the financial model and business justification for Public vs Private cloud.

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Recent Q&A's

Winner of the Week: Amand Wilson, Wesley Consultants

Question: Tax is a strategic enterprise function no longer confined to the tax department. Only by integrating tax with financials can you truly speed workflows, reduce risk by meeting all global tax requirements and support strategic planning. How can cloud computing help shape the future of taxation?
By: Amand Wilson, Wesley Consultants

Answer:Cloud computing cannot shape taxation but definitely can help to expedite deployment and rollout of an integrated and standardized systems and workflows globally by having these financial and taxation applications hosted and offered as a Software-as-a-Service.

Question: What role does cloud computing play in sustainable enterprise?
By: Andrew Goh, APAC

Answer:It has been proven that Cloud computing can help enterprises reduce DC floor space & facilities, energy consumption and hardware purchases significantly, thus allowing them to achieve a green and sustainable business.

Question: Our company site are extremely remote. Inaccurate orders cost us money and time. How can cloud computing helps us efficiently and accurately fill every order? Thank you.
By: Michelle Sales, Cebu Trading Incorporation

Answer:Cloud computing may not be able help to ensure accuracy of data. But it does allow you to be more efficient and productive by be able to access the applications and up-to-date data easily through the internet cloud, even in remote sites. Also, these applications can be highly available, round the clock with minimum or no downtime.


Seeing Through the Cloud: Advice on the Brave New World of Cloud Computing

The idea of a large-scale compute utility has been around for a long while. In 1963, as a young instructor and research assistant at MIT, I used one of the first versions of such a utility through DARPA's Project MAC (Multiple Access Computer)

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EMC Is Helping Customers Enter a Virtual World

As they move to 100 per cent virtualized data centers, customers are looking for vendors with fresh technologies and an emphasis on service levels. EMC's capabilities in this area are growing dynamically

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Cloudy, but Clear Sailing Ahead

Three early adopters of cloud computing talk about the challenges they have faced and the benefits they see in the cloud

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Let EMC Consulting Help You Realize Your Ambitions

As part of EMC Corporation—the world’s leading developer and provider of information infrastructure technology and solutions—EMC Consulting provides strategic guidance and technology expertise to help organizations exploit information to its maximum potential. With deep industry insight, EMC Consulting guides and delivers innovative and proactive thinking to help clients unlock the value of their information and accelerate IT transformation. EMC Consulting drives execution for clients, including more than half of the Global Fortune 500 companies, to transform information into actionable strategies and tangible business results.



A CIO's Journey to Cloud 9

What is the shortest distance to IT Nirvana? The EMC "Cloud 9" Datacenter in Durham NC, of course! Watch this high-flying keynote opener from EMC's CIO, Sanjay Mirchandani, the man with the mission to "try it before you buy it!"

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