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The 23 top Apple Watch apps you should get

April 27, 2015 | MICHAEL DEAGONIA

After a long wait since its introduction last fall -- including eight months and two events -- the Apple Watch is finally reaching customers. Some who managed to order at midnight PT on April 10 are getting their watches now; others who ordered a few minutes later will have to wait until mid-May. That's how quickly the Watch sold out. (I'm somewhere in between; my order went in quickly enough to be in the first batch sold, but I haven't yet received my Watch. At least I can read over the newly posted Apple Watch User Guide while I wait.)


Shop different: What's a new product launch without lines around the Apple Store?

April 27, 2015 | MICHAEL SIMON

There was a time when Apple launches didn't light up headlines around the web. When the original iPod was released back in November of 2001, for example, the only people lining up were at Apple Stores in Littleton, Colorado, and Newport Beach, California--and most of them weren't looking to fork over $399 for an mp3 player. They just wanted one of the free grand-opening T-shirts.


Consumer groups dance on the grave of Comcast-TW deal

April 27, 2015 | GRANT GROSS

Consumer groups are cheering the news that Comcast abandoned its proposed US$45 billion acquisition of fellow cable and broadband provider Time Warner Cable, saying it's good for customers and demonstrates the power of Internet activism.


Developer coaxes Amazon Echo's Alexa into talking with Nest and Wink

April 27, 2015 | PULKIT CHANDNA

Ever since Amazon announced the release of an SDK (software development kit) for its Echo interactive speaker early last month, we've been salivating at the prospect of using Alexa (Echo's built-in virtual assistant) as a smart-home factotum. It appears some of the developers with access to the SDK are thinking along the same lines.


Ask the iTunes Guy: Manage your iTunes music library

April 27, 2015 | KIRK MCELHEARN

This week, I look at a few questions about managing an iTunes music library, dealing with liner notes, album artwork in WAV files, and correcting capitalization in song titles. I also suggest a way to download music from the iTunes Store with an old Mac.


Apple Watch products that will make people hate you even more

April 27, 2015 | ROMAN LOYOLA

People hate you. They see that Apple Watch on your wrist and they hate you because they don't have one. But don't let the haters stop you from proudly wearing your Apple Watch. In fact, you should go one step further. Pimp that Watch like it's nobody's business. All you need are the right accessories, and they're right here.


Valve now allows devs to charge for Steam Workshop mods, community riots

April 27, 2015 | HAYDEN DINGMAN

Draw up a list of the Top 5 Reasons to be a PC Gamer and you'd better make sure mod support is at the top. The ability for the PC community to come together and fix games that are broken, extend the lifespan of old games, or even convert games to entirely new purposes is the best reason to stay away from consoles. Just last week I replayed Max Payne (released in 2001) and used both a community patch that fixes some audio glitches and a mod to play in widescreen. Amazing.

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