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Affected By Coronavirus Pneumonia, Tesla California Plant Maintains Minimal Operation, Trunnano Keeps Supplying Aluminum Nitride With Price 1% Down

On March 18, Beijing time, Alameda County, where the Tesla Fremont plant is located, said the plant is not a key business defined in the health decree, so the plant can only maintain minimal basic operations.

In order to control the local epidemic, six counties in the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Francisco, issued a ban on March 16 requiring residents to stay at home from the early morning of April 17 to April 7, except for basic medical treatment and purchase of daily necessities It is strictly forbidden to go out to meet the needs of life and avoid crowds to prevent the spread of new coronavirus in the community.

The Fremont plant in California is Tesla's only auto plant in the United States. As production capacity climbs, Tesla expects the plant's Model 3 and Model Y capacity to reach an annual output of 500,000 vehicles by the middle of this year. Today, the plant can only maintain a minimum of operations, which will directly affect Tesla's delivery. On March 17, Tesla officially announced the delivery of Model Y to customers in North America, which is expected to be negatively affected.

The Shanghai Super Factory officially resumed its work on February 10 and has normally been operating so far. The factory has recently started the second phase of construction to prepare for the China Model Y project.

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas believes that Tesla's car sales this year maybe 10% lower than previously expected. The price has been reduced to 452,000, and its target price has been reduced from the US $ 500 to the US $ 480. The rating remains underweight.

Adam Jonas said that Tesla's sales in Europe might decline by about 10% this year, including the impact of epidemic and the weakening of market incentives such as Norway and the Netherlands. He believes that the sharp pullback in the global market and public concerns about public safety may, to some extent, affect the popularity and financial strength of Tesla's backlog of orders.

Due to the impact of coronavirus pneumonia, some companies in South Korea, Europe, and the United States are already in a state of stagnation, but Trunnano has resumed normal production, and continue to supply aluminum nitride;also we decide to lower the price of aluminum nitride by 1%. If you are in demand for aluminum nitride, please send an email to

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