Apple Watch Series 7 officially abandoned the hidden diagnostic port

Since the launch of the first Apple Watch, its diagnostic port has always been a mysterious part of the wearable device series, but the new 7 series has officially abandoned the 6-pin port completely. 

MacRumors first noticed that when you remove the bottom strap of the Apple Watch 7 series, you can see that there is no port----the company removed the hidden dial and the port on the back. This port was intended to be used for internal diagnosis, but it was not officially recognized on Apple's website or documentation. But this diagnostic port hints at the expansion possibilities of Apple Watch in terms of hardware accessories. One of the most famous is the Reserve Strap, which attempts to use the port to extend the battery life of the Apple Watch by adding an extra battery to the special strap and then directly plugging it into the diagnostic interface. This port actually provides a faster charging speed than Apple's own magnetic cable.
Unfortunately, Apple quickly blocked this feature and Reserve Strap (and almost all other attempts to use ports for useful purposes). In the subsequent life cycle of the Apple Watch, it can still be used for its intended purpose: for the diagnosis of Apple's internal use and maintenance.
Of course, Apple still needs a way to diagnose Apple Watch, and it seems to replace this mysterious interface with a more mysterious 60.5GHz wireless module, which is paired with a magnetic base capable of local data transmission. For internal use. This has led to some speculation that Apple is using the 7 series as a test bed for future portless iPhones, and may use similar technology to replace cables connected to computers.
However, if the useless diagnostic port for many years has taught us anything, it is that sometimes we cannot find something more meaningful or useful in proprietary diagnostic tools.

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