Apple is reportedly preparing to release a new 27-inch iMac in early 2022

After Apple refreshed its MacBook Pro line earlier this week, the next Mac in need of a major update appears to be the 27-inch iMac, which could be released as early as early next year.
The latest update on the upcoming iMac update came from Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, who posted a prediction on Twitter and later shared some additional information with MacRumors.While Yang initially claimed the new device would be an affordable stand-alone display, he later revised his prediction to say the new device is an improved 27-inch iMac.
The upgraded 27-inch iMac will feature a new XDR brand mini display and use apple's ProMotion technology that allows adaptive refresh rates from 24Hz to 120Hz, Yang said.

And while no other specs were mentioned at the young age, with the current 27-inch iMac being the only remaining Apple MAC computers still running on Intel processors rather than home-grown Apple silicon, it's safe to say that the new 27-inch iMac will also get a new M1 endorsement or M1 Max chip. What's more, Apple shipped a new display, M1 chip, and other upgrades to the 24-inch iMac earlier this spring, so it shouldn't be surprising that the company will complete upgrades to the rest of its iMac lineup early next year.
In addition to the upcoming 27-inch iMac, Yang said Apple could release a stand-alone 27-inch monitor later in 2022 (please make it happen, Apple), and the company is expected to update other products with the new mini-monitor.
Yang isn't as well known as other Apple display analysts (aka Ming-Chi Kuo), but he correctly predicted the size of the iPad Mini's 8.3-inch display, as well as the size of the new MacBook Pro's upgraded promotional display, so his prediction for the upgraded 27-inch iMac seems relatively safe.

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