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Apple released an Android app

Apple just released an Android app called Tracker Detect, which extends the ability to identify nearby AirTags and find my tracker to Android users so that they can judge whether they have been accidentally monitored.
Apple launched the app on the Google Play store on Monday, and it instructs users to use it to "scan to try and find" nearby AirTags or other location-tracking devices compatible with Apple's Find My network. These devices may be nearby. Although Apple claims that it has implemented a series of protective measures designed to curb the possibility of abuse, AirTag is small and discrete enough to connect to a variety of personal items, including keys, wallets, and even cars. Although the original purpose of AirTags is to help users find lost items, AirTags makes some users and privacy advocates worry if they fall into the wrong hands.
AirTags are cheap: $29 each, and $99 for four-packs. Coupled with their growing popularity-Apple's Find My network currently utilizes more than 1 billion active iPhones, more than any other device tracking service.
The Tracker Detector application works by identifying nearby AirTags, which may have been separated from their owners and marked as "Unknown AirTags" on the Find My map. Within 10 minutes of recognizing the tracker, the app will emit a beep to remind the user that there is an unclaimed device nearby. Once the tracker is identified, the app will provide users with instructions on how to remove the battery, and it will also advise them to contact law enforcement if they believe their safety is threatened.

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