Application of silicon nitride ceramic material

Silicon nitride, as a compound synthesized mainly by artificial conditions, was successfully developed by foreign scientists more than 150 years ago. The silicon nitride (size about 2 × 5μm) naturally present on the earth until the nineties of the twentieth century It was only in the meteorites that the age was discovered by humans. As an important structural ceramic material, silicon nitride has superior performance to other metals and materials such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high toughness, and high bending strength. It can be applied to traditional metal materials. It can't adapt to the extreme operating environment with high requirements, and its products such as parts can be used in mechanical engineering, ultra-fine grinding, high-performance machine tool cutting tools, metallurgy and other fields.
The following briefly introduces several kinds of silicon nitride ceramic products (including but not limited to):
(1) Silicon nitride ceramic bearings and bearing balls
(2) Turbine rotor made of silicon nitride
(3) Silicon nitride ceramic tools
(4) Aluminum metallurgy silicon nitride ceramic parts

Brief introduction of silicon nitride ceramics in the Chinese market
Silicon nitride ceramics are mainly researched, developed and applied as high-temperature structures and engineering materials. Silicon nitride products have been formed into commodities and put on the market, used primarily in machinery, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation, energy, building materials, semiconductors and other industries, as parts of specific equipment and products. The annual demand for silicon nitride is more than 270,000 tons, while China's production is only about 100,000 tons; silicon nitride as a nitrogen enhancer for structural steel can improve the overall performance of steel. The annual market demand is more than 60,000 tons. The need for refractory materials in steel production exceeds 100,000 tons; as the raw materials for further processing such as silicon nitride bearings, engine casings, knives and other products, the annual demand is about 60,000 tons.
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