Basic properties of diamond

The discovery of carbon
Carbon is widely present in the vast sky of the universe. Its strange and unique physical properties and various forms have been gradually discovered, recognized and used with the progress of human civilization. The 20th century is the 100 years of the fastest development of human science and technology. Carbon science is no exception.
The discovery of diamonds
Diamond is an extremely rare mineral. It was first discovered in India about 3000 years ago. The structure, composition and properties of diamond have been a mystery for a long time. It was not until after the 18th century that people determined that diamond was hereafter, and began to explore synthetic diamonds, put forward various hypotheses about the formation of natural diamonds, and tried to synthesize diamonds in the laboratory.
The best properties of diamond between the known materials
As early as the 19th century, people knew that diamonds were extremely hard, so they were made into tools. Through nearly a hundred years of research, people realized that diamonds have extremely excellent physical properties, some of which are the best known materials.
1. The hardness is the highest, the hardness of diamond is about 90GPa.
2. The Young's modulus is the largest, and the Young's modulus of diamond is about 1100 GPa.
3. The highest thermal conductivity
4. The molar density is the largest
5. The speed of sound accelerates
6. The widest transmissive bilateral
7, the refractive index is large
8. Large resistance
9. High reflectivity to ultraviolet rays
10. The forbidden band width is large
11. The most wear-resistant
12. High population migration rate
Because diamond has the above-mentioned unparalleled characteristics, diamond will become an irreplaceable super product in no application field.
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