Characteristics of rosin soap foaming agent for cement foaming agent


The technical characteristics of rosin soap are simple production process, low cost, low price, general foaming ratio, and foam stability. Its outstanding advantages are good compatibility with cement. It can react with Ca in cement to generate insoluble salt—the peace of foam increases, which has a specific strengthening effect. Compared with synthetic surfactants, increasing the foam concrete's strength is more beneficial. Because its foam stability and foaming ratio could be better, it can only be used for high-density foam concrete with a density of more than 600kg/m, but not for low-density foam concrete with a thickness of less than 500kg/m. Although its price is low, its usage is extensive. In addition, rosin soap needs to be heated and dissolved during use, which is more troublesome and easier to use than other foaming agents. Roughly speaking, it can be used as a low-grade foaming agent. It can be used when the technical requirements of foam concrete are low. The rosin soap generated by the above method has a low foaming ratio, fast defoaming, and poor performance. To improve its performance, various modifiers can be added during the reaction to improve its foaming ability and foam stability. Adding modifiers to the finished product after the response is also possible, but the effect is not as good as adding them during the reaction process. FP-3 foaming agent is a new product of modified rosin soap developed by us. During the synthesis process, we said three modifiers, and two more modifiers were added to the finished product after synthesis. After adding cationic surfactant BD, its foaming height has been improved, and after adding nonionic surfactant AT, its foam stability has been significantly improved, with better dispersibility. In addition, the addition of other organic and inorganic modifiers can have synergistic effects with cationic and nonionic modifiers. After adding these modifiers, the foaming ratio of rosin soap was increased to 35 times, and the time of foam elimination was extended to more than 10 hours, significantly improving the existing products' performance. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective cement foaming agent, or if you require the latest price of cement foaming agent, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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