China's Nano-Diamond Industry Problems and Market Development Analysis in 2020

Nanodiamond refers to the existence of diamond grains with a particle size of 1 - 100nm. It has the characteristics of diamond and nanomaterials, such as high hardness, high corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of friction, small surface roughness, large specific surface area, biocompatibility, high surface activity, etc. are as follows. After entering the nanoscale, the matter has shown some physical effects that macroscopic matter does not have or can be ignored in the macroscopic case, such as surface effects, quantum size effects, small side effects, and macro quantum tunneling effects.

The unique properties of nanodiamond have made them widely used in the fields of precision polishing and lubrication, chemical catalysis, composite coatings, high-performance metal-based composite materials, chemical analysis, and biomedicine, and have shown good application prospects.

Although nano-diamonds have many advantages and a wide range of applications, they have a large specific surface area, high specific surface energy, are in a thermodynamically unstable state, and are prone to agglomeration. Their excellent properties as nano-powders cannot be exerted. The problem of particle agglomeration has not been resolved, which is also one of the important reasons why nanodiamonds have not been widely used for more than 20 years. Therefore, how to effectively surface-treat nano-diamonds to improve their dispersion in the medium and enhance their stability is a key issue that needs to be solved urgently.

The future research directions of nano-diamonds are mainly focused on the following aspects: (1) While developing new applications of nano-diamonds in lubrication, composite coatings, etc., the use of micro-diamonds in the field of material enhancement technology should be focused on; (2) How to effectively combine the chemical surface modification treatment of diamond with mechanical grinding, ultrasonic dispersion, and dispersant to improve the distribution of nano-diamonds in the medium.

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