CuO nanostructures have been widely studied


In conclusion, CuO nanostructures have been widely studied. They are receiving more and more attention from material scientists and engineers recently because of their interesting properties and potential applications in various fields. This study summarizes the influences of different factors of the synthesis process, some unique properties, and some promising applications of CuO nanostructures. We focus on some synthetic chemical strategies, the associated influence of essential factors of synthesizing process for CuO nanostructures, and their interesting fundamental properties and exciting applications. Understanding the synthesizing process and the characteristics of CuO nanostructures is necessary for other purposes to realize the application of CuO nanostructures in daily life and technology. Some unique properties of CuO nanostructures that make CuO different from other transition metal oxides were also summarized and highlighted. Some potential applications based on CuO nanostructures are also presented. Although encouraging developments and fascinating achievements in CuO nanostructures have been obtained, as overviewed in this paper, a better understanding of controlling morphology, structures, and properties of cupric oxide nanostructures and finding ways to take advantage of these exciting properties of such nanostructures still requires much effort from scientists but also bring in opportunities for further development. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective copper oxide, or if you require the latest price, please email contact mis-asia.

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