Emirates Oil Company to Produce Lubricants in Egypt, May Drive Market of Lithium Stearate

According to Global Petroleum News on March 11, ENOC Misr has signed a memorandum of understanding with local lubricant manufacturers as a joint venture between Proserv Group and the UAE National Petroleum Corporation (ENOC) to evaluate the mixing and produce.
ENOC Misr plans to maximize operational efficiency to ensure product availability in the local market. Through the agreement, ENOC Misr will be able to strengthen its position in the Egyptian market and provide alternative supply options to neighboring countries.

ENOC Group CEO H.E Saif Humaid Al Falasi said that the Egyptian market is one of Africa's largest markets and has contributed to the consumption of lubricants on the African continent.
Egypt has a population of nearly 100 million people and an expected growth rate of 2.2%. Demand for lubricant products and solutions continues to grow. Coupled with Egypt's large refineries and government investment strategies, major industry players are encouraged to continue investing in Egypt's lubricant industry. H.E Al Falasi said: "Our decision to strengthen our presence locally by establishing a hybrid and manufacturing business in Egypt demonstrates our commitment to building key infrastructure projects needed to drive the country's socio-economic growth."
The UAE National Petroleum Corporation will produce lubricants in Egypt. Lithium-based greases are commonly used in the industry and will be a crucial product. Lithium stearate, as the primary raw material of lithium-based oil, will also be used in large quantities. If you need more information about lithium stearate, please contact Dr. Du, the technical engineer.
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