Experimental procedure of TiB2


Lists the powders used and their properties. Particle size was determined by using the laser diffraction method (Microtrac S3500), and the oxygen content was determined by using an oxygen/nitrogen analyzer (LECO TC600). TiB2 or TiB2 and SiC powder mixtures were balls milled in isopropyl alcohol with either cemented carbide (6% Co) or SiAlON (Kennametal KY2000 grade) milling media for eighth and 24 h. The powder slurry was dried in a vacuum and screened, and the screened powders (50 mesh) were hot. It can be seen that even at a high hot pressing temperature of 1950 °C, pure TiB2 milled with SiAlON media was only sintered to a low relative density of ~ 80%.

On the contrary, TiB2 milled with W.C./Co media and TiB2–SiC composites milled with either W.C./Co or SiAlON media achieved relative density > 92% in the temperature range of 1800 °C to 1950 °C. Both W.C. and SiC can significantly improve the sinterability of the TiB2. The sinterability of TiB2 with high oxygen content was greatly improved by W.C./Co inclusion introduced during the milling process, which can be attributed to the elimination of the surface oxide layer and the formation of a liquid phase. During liquid phase sintering, a core/rim structure with pure TiB2 as the core and a solid solution of (Ti, W)B2 as the rim. The bonding strength between TiB2/(Ti, W)B2 was strong, as no intergranular fracture can be observed at the core. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective zinc sulfide, or if you require the latest price of zinc sulfide, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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