Inconel 718 alloy is a nickel-base precipitated hardening alloy with high yield strength

Inconel 718 alloy is a nickel-base precipitated hardening alloy with high yield strength, tensile strength and creep fracture properties at temperatures up to 1300 ° F(705 ° C). The alloy has excellent weldability.
Inconel 718 alloy application field
Inconel 718 alloy is used in jet engines and high-speed fuselage components such as wheels, barrels and gaskets, as well as high-temperature bolts and fasteners. Inconel 718 is also used in the oil and gas drilling and production industries due to its high strength and resistance to chloride, stress corrosion and sulfide stress cracking. In these industries, Inconel 718 alloy has been used in valves, pump shafts and wellhead components.
Inconel 718 alloy shall be forged at the maximum furnace temperature of 2050 ° F(1120 ° C). Inconel 718 alloy shall not be soaked at this temperature for long periods of time. Uniform pressing during forging will prevent the formation of a two-phase grain structure. The strength of the forgings will be improved if the temperature is lower than 1100 ° F(595 ° C) when working in the range of 1700/1850 ° F(925/1010 ° C).

Heat treatment
Heat treatment can be adjusted to obtain the desired properties. In order to obtain the best combination of tensile and stress-fracture properties, the following rather complex cycle is recommended:
1 hour at 1750/1800 ° F(955/980 ° C) with cool air, then 8 hours at 1325 ° F(720 ° C), 100 ° F/ h (56 ° C/ h) and 1150 ° F(620 ° C) with cool air for 8 hours.
In order to obtain the best tensile properties at room temperature and low temperature, the cycle is:
1 to 2 hours from 1950 ° F(1065 ° C) and the air was cool, then 8 hours from 1325 ° F(720 ° C) and 100 ° F/ h (56 ° C/ h) to 1150 ° F(620 ° C) and kept cool for 8 hours.
Machining performance of Inconel 718
Inconel 718 alloy is easy to be machined under annealing or age hardening conditions. The aging hardening condition can obtain a better surface finish, and the annealing condition can prolong the service life of the tool.
Inconel 718 alloy weldability
The alloy can be welded under aging or annealing conditions. Welding aging hardened material will result in the formation of a softened heat-affected zone.
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