Industrial furnace construction


Graphite felts, foils and other carbon modifications are required in high-temperature plants, especially for thermal insulation. Due to the good mechanical workability of graphite, there are various possibilities for furnace design and the layout of the heating system. Heating elements made of graphite can also be found here. Besides heating elements and insulations made of speciality graphite, charge carriers made of CFRC (carbon fibre reinforced carbon) are also required in hardening shop technology. In sintering technology, the densification and hardening of materials by heating, fine-grain graphite is used in sintering tools due to its electrical conductivity, strength and thermal resistance. Glass and quartz production: Graphite is used in the production of float glass, hollow glass, quartz glass as well as technical and laboratory glass in the form of tools, moulds, grippers, downpipes, wipers, settling plates and deflection curves. Graphite with high density and low pore volumes and the resulting high burn-off resistance is best suited for this purpose. Mechanical applications: Fine-grain graphite and its ungraphitized precursors are suitable for mechanical applications such as bearing materials due to their sliding and dry-running properties and thermal and chemical resistance. Carbon materials are, therefore, also frequently used for dynamic seals. Electrical applications: Graphite is used as carbon brushes and collector strips in electrical applications. Synthetic fine-grain graphite has the ideal electrical conductivity, dry-running properties and mechanical strength. It is used as brushes or contact strips for current transmission between a fixed and a rotating electrical conductor in motors and generators. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective graphite or require the latest price, please email contact mis-asia.

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