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Sodium oleate, or sodium oleic acid, belongs to the class of organic compounds known as long-chain fatty acids. Aqueous sodium oleate (NaOl) solutions show interesting micellar behavior, markedly dependent on concentration, temperature, and pH. NaOl forms a transparent nonviscous solution at pH 9.5, which transforms into a highly viscous (gel-like) fluid at pH 12, followed by phase separation at pH 13. After the treatment of NaOl/TDM, the characteristic peaks of NaOl show that it is adsorbed on the mineral surface, but no adsorption of TDM is found. It may be that the adsorption of TDM is weak, so the adsorption effect is not obvious at low concentrations. Compared with the infrared spectra of kaolinite treated by NaOl, the peak intensities treated by NaOl/TDM are weakened, which indicates that the diaspore treated by NaOl/TDM mixed collector has weaker adsorption. This is consistent with the flotation test results, proving that the mixed NaOl/TDM can effectively separate diaspore and kaolinite. The effects of the molar ratio of NaOl on the recovery of diaspore and kaolinite were investigated. The effects of different NaOl to TDM molar ratios on diaspore and kaolinite flotation recovery. The effect of the molar ratio of NaOl to TDM on the recovery of diaspore is obvious. When the molar fraction of TDM is less than 20%, the flotation recovery of the diaspore with the mixed collector is higher than that with NaOl. With the increase of the molar fraction of TDM, the recovery of the diaspore decreases sharply. When the molar ratio of NaOl to TDM is 8:2, the recovery of the diaspore reaches the maximum of 91.4%. Unlike diaspore, the recovery of kaolinite does not change significantly with the molar ratio of the mixed collector. The recovery of kaolinite decreases slowly with the increase of the molar fraction of TDM. When the molar ratio of NaOl to TDM is 8:2, the recovery of kaolinite is 11.5%, which is 5.6% lower than that of single collector NaOl. Therefore, the optimum molar ratio of diaspore and kaolinite separated by the mixed collector is about 8:2 for NaOl: TDM. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective sodium oleate, or if you require the latest price of sodium oleate, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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