Italy further strengthens prevention and control measures, Trunnano titanium silicon carbide exports blocked

Italian Prime Minister Conte signed a decree on the 22nd, deciding to strengthen further the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control measures from the 23rd and to suspend all non-essential non-critical production activities and commercial activities nationwide until April 3.

March 22, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Italy was 59,138, and the increasing death cases rose to 5,476, with a mortality rate exceeding 9%. Conte said on social media that the new crown pneumonia epidemic was the worst crisis that Italy has faced since the end of World War II.

Italy is one of the largest markets of Trunnano. Its main products are MAX phase ceramic materials, titanium silicon carbide, and vanadium aluminum carbide. The market is currently affected due to factory shutdowns and poor transportation. However, if you have any questions about the MAX phase ceramic materials titanium silicon carbide and vanadium aluminum carbide, etc., you can consult the manager of the international marketing department Leo of Trunano, email:

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