Kinds of Boron Nitride


BN7000: When high purity, binder-less, and the highest temperature capability are required, BN7000 offers the best of all its grades. With a temperature up to 2000° C in inert atmospheres or high vacuum, BN7000 can be used in the most extreme conditions. Applications: insulators for high-temperature vacuum furnaces, crucibles for high-purity metals and refractories, and high-temperature electrical insulators. BN8000: This low-density hBN grade incorporates unique near-net shape forming and pressure-less sintering technology, allowing sizes up to ø350mm x 200mm long or 490mm x 300mm x 50mm. BN8000 offers all the expected properties of thermal shock resistance, electrical resistivity, and chemical inertness—applications: High-temperature and high-voltage electrical insulators, Thyristors electrical insulators. BN9000: A medium-density version of hBN, BN9000 utilizes unique near-net shape forming and pressure-less sintering technology allowing sizes up to 490mm x 310mm x 50mm. The large size capability makes it an excellent choice for furnace setters requiring all the benefits of hBN. Applications: Insulators, Semiconductor equipment, Jigs for molding glass, Nozzles and crucibles, and Paving plates. BNP: The BNP portfolio of materials is a family of hexagonal boron nitride composites that combine the properties of hBN with the desired properties of the specific ceramic additive to produce a hybrid material that maintains the advantage of easy machinability. BNP-2: For applications requiring high thermal conductivity, BNP-2 offers the benefits of an aluminum nitride in a composite with boron nitride. BNP-2 offers excellent mechanical strength while maintaining the ease of machinability and is useful for a broad range of applications. Applications: vacuum furnace seals, nuclear, casting nozzles, high-temperature bearings. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective Boron Nitride, or if you require the latest price of Boron Nitride, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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