Linux-powered PinePhone Pro has faster performance

Pine64 has been selling ARM-powered Linux devices for years, such as PinePhone, a low-end smartphone with open hardware and software design.PinePhone Pro released a hardware upgrade last month, and while the original developer model is not yet available, Pine64 has shown off the phone in a video.
Pine64 community manager Lukasz Erecinski shared his impressions of the phone in the company's November update. "Everything I'm going to write is fundamentally biased, but I'm going to stand by every word I write -- I promise not to do pr," he said. It's fast, very fast compared to the original PinePhone and other similar devices."Eresinski shot a short video that showed the phone's reflexes to be (roughly) as responsive as a modern mid-range Android phone.
Keep in mind that even when PinePhone Pro starts shipping in December, software developers will be the only target buyers.Pine64 is likely to open up orders to more people once the Linux operating system reaches maturity. "We're just at the beginning of development, so you can expect the experience to improve further over the coming months as the software matures and refines," the article said.
PinePhone Pro comes with a 1.5ghz Rockchip RK399S six-core processor, 4GB OF LPDDR4 RAM, 128GB of built-in eMMC flash memory, microSD card slot (for additional storage or testing other operating systems),13-megapixel main camera sensor, and 5-megapixel front camera. Just like the original PinePhone, it has hardware switches for a camera, microphone, Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth, headphone jack, and LTE modem, so if you don't want to use those features, you can be sure the app can't listen to your voice or see the camera signal.
Pine64 initially had a pre-sale price of $399, but according to the company, "the number of applications far outstrips the available development units."If you want to know when the phone will be available for purchase again, follow Pine64's Twitter and Mastodon accounts, as well as the official Discord server.

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