Material Characterization of ATO


The surface morphology of the sensing pellet annealed at 600°C was investigated using Scanning electron microscopy (SEM, LEO-0430, Cambridge). The SEM image of the sensing pellet. The surface morphology of sensing material reveals that most particles are spherical, having large no of pores which is a promising consequence for good sensitivity. Higher porosity increases the surface-to-volume ratio and hence helps in getting good sensitivity. Structural characterization and phase identification were performed by X-ray Diffractometer (X-Pert, PRO PANalytical XRD system, Netherland) with CuKα radiation as source having wavelength 1.54609 Å from 2θ = 20 to 100 ° with step size 0.1400° was done to investigate the phase formation in the composite. Figure 2 shows the XRD pattern of Sn.918Sb.109O2. The XRD patterns indicate that tin antimony oxide nanoparticles have a 5-tetragonal structure. Optical characterization was done using a UV-visible spectrophotometer (Varian, Carry-50Bio). UV–visible absorption spectroscopy is a useful technique for characterizing the optical and electronic properties of different materials such as thin films, filters, and pigments. It measures the percentage of radiation in the ultra-violet (200–400 nm) and visible (400–800 nm) regions absorbed at each wavelength. The electronic band gap of semiconductors or films is measured using the data obtained by a spectrophotometer. A sharp increase in absorption at energies close to the band gap manifests itself as an absorption edge in the UV–visible absorption spectra. The absorption spectra of tin-antimony oxide nanoparticles obtained in the UV-visible region show an absorption edge at 260 nm. The corresponding band gap was found to be 4.62 eV. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective ATO, or if you require the latest price of ATO, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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