MoS2 plasmonic heterostructures


Plasmonic nanostructures have been used to enhance the optical absorption of semiconductor-based photodetectors. The photoresponse of atomic layered MoS2 photodetectors has been optimized by forming hybrid plasmonic heterostructures for light harvesting. The gold nanoparticles (AuNPs)@MoS2 heterostructure-based plasmonic photodetectors having AuNPs core and ML MoS2 shell showed a 10-fold increase in photoresponsivity (0.5 A W−1) compared with pristine MoS2 phototransistors (0.057 A W−1).163 The maximum photoresponsivity of 30 A W−1 was achieved for the Si-supported AuNPs@MoS2 heterojunction-based gateless photodetector greater than that of Si/MoS2 heterojunction (1.1 A W−1) phototransistors. Bang et al.184 developed a monolayer (1L) MoS2 photodetector exploiting the surface plasmon of a one-dimensional (1D) silver nanowire (AgNW) network. Fig. 5(a–d) shows the schematic diagram of the 1L-MoS2/AgNW-based photodetector, the dark field image of a hybrid photodetector, and photocurrent–voltage curves of pristine 1L-MoS2 and the 1L-MoS2/AgNWs hybrid photodetectors as a function of applied voltage (from −5 V to +5 V) and the time-dependent photocurrents. The current Ion/Ioff ratios of 1.39 × 104 and 62.97 were measured for the 1L MoS2/AgNW hybrid and pristine 1L-MoS2 photodetectors, respectively. The 1L MoS2/AgNW hybrid heterostructure-based device showed 560- and 250-fold increases in the PL and photocurrent, respectively, compared with the pristine 1L MoS2 device. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective Molybdenum disulfide, or if you require the latest price of Molybdenum disulfide, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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