Nano silver is a kind of new antibacterial agent, which has strong bacteriostatic and bactericidal action

What's nano silver? To make nano-sized particles of silver metallic elemental, the so-called "nano silver" is used. Nano silver's particle size is usually about 25 nanometers. Nano silver has super-small particles with a large surface area. It also exhibits a quantum size effect and tunneling effect. It's hundreds of times more antibacterial than normal silver. Nano-scale silver can form ligands on protein molecules of bacteria due to its electronic surface. This is a novel antibacterial agent. Nano silver has a powerful bacteriostatic effect and broad spectrum antibacterial activity.
What role does nano-silver play?
Silver nanoparticles consist of silver nanoparticles. These nanoparticles are antibacterial and antifungal in many industrial applications and water treatment. They also serve as consumer products like clothing, cosmetics and child care products. Nanoparticles are a silver element with a nanometer-sized particle size. Nano silver is a form of powder silver. It has a particle size less than 100nm. Generally, it is 25-50nm. Their particle sizes directly affect the properties of silver nanoparticles. Researchers found that the strength of bactericidal activity is directly proportional to the size of the particles.
Nano-silver can kill bacteria
The antiseptic properties of silver have been proven effective in killing bacteria, viruses and fungi. Antibacterial action comes from positively charged silver (Ag+)22,22. Many modes of silver ion action target microorganisms.
It is impossible to see silver nanoparticles with your naked eyes. Nano silver antibacterial solutions are formed when a small amount is added to deionized drinking water. The nano silver's particles are 500-1000x smaller than cells. Because of its small size it can be easily absorbed into water and then excreted quickly. It's different than ordinary antibiotics. While antibiotics can kill some bacteria, they cannot destroy viruses. Nano silver has the ability to kill over 650 bacterias and viruses. This is why it should be our second immune system.

Is nano-silver healthy?
The environment contains silver, which is considered safe because it's a compound. Although the health effects of silver nanoparticles in the environment are not well understood, colloidal silver can be considered dangerous to consume.
Comparable to chemical and biological disinfectants, nano-silver can kill more bacteria than any other. Nano silver has a wide range of sterilization that can be used without resistance. It causes no skin irritation and has no toxic effect on cells. The possibilities for wide-application of nanosilver in antibacterial fields are vast. It's the latest generation in natural antibacterial agents.
Is nano-silver dangerous?
Skin and eye irritation may be caused by nano-silver. Nano silver can also be mildly irritating to skin. The lungs and liver are the most affected by silver nanoparticles inhalation. Silver nanoparticles have been shown to be toxic to mammalian cell genitalia.
Use of silver nanoparticles
1. While one antibiotic may kill six pathogens at a time, nano silver is capable of eliminating hundreds of potentially disease-causing microbes.
2. Nano silver is capable of killing more than 650 bacteria within minutes. Because of their unique bactericidal mechanism, silver nanoparticles are able to kill pathogenic bacteria in a matter of minutes.
3. The super-permeability of silver nanoparticles means they can penetrate as low as 2mm beneath the skin to sterilize.
4. Encourage wound healing, repair, and regenerate injured cells, decrease scarring, and decompose muscles growth.
5. Silver nanoparticles can be produced using patented technology. They are protected by protective film that allows for gradual release in the human body.
6. Nano silver acts as an antibacterial fungicide. This means that nano silver is capable of killing all types of pathogenic microorganisms. Tennm-sized silver nanoparticles have an antibacterial function that can rapidly kill bacteria and prevent them from reproducing. This next-generation of drug resistance is capable of preventing drug resistance recurrence.
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