Now Apple Wallet can add a COVID-19 vaccine card

Apple is now allowing users to add their COVID-19 vaccination cards to the Wallet app for easy access to vaccination certificates.
Apple announced last month that it will soon roll out an iOS update that will allow users to download and store verifiable health records, including COVID-19 vaccination records, to the Wallet app. And the feature went live on Apple's iOS 15.1 operating system on Monday.

Once vaccine cards are added to the Wallet app, they can be viewed and presented at any time, according to an Apple statement. The front of the card is printed with the user's name, type of vaccine, date of vaccination, issuer and a QR code. However, full details of the card won't be available until the device is unlocked with a face ID, Touch ID or password. In addition, the vaccine card cannot be shared with other iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple Watch users, the company said.
The company said the vaccine card can be uploaded to the app via a QR code from a COVID-19 vaccination or testing provider, via a downloadable file of the provider's verified health record, or from an existing verifiable vaccination record within the health app.
Apple also announced that with an update to iOS 15, users will be able to store validated versions of COVID-19 vaccines and test results in the Health app on Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.
Vaccine and test results records are downloaded in a verifiable format and digitally signed by the vaccine or test provider, the company said. Apple said the software was "similar to providing a paper document with an official seal".

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