Oculus Quest 2 sold 10 million units

Qualcomm held an investor event yesterday. The company revealed that its partnership with Facebook has more than 10 million eyes exploring the launch of two VR headsets. In October 2020, a major milestone for the yuan said will be a significant "threshold" for the explosive growth of a set of content ecosystems.
The numbers we've seen in the past suggest that Meta's latest standalone headset is performing very well -- perhaps three times as well as SONY's PSVR -- but it's still not clear how much Quest 2 has impacted the industry as a whole.

Now, Qualcomm has quantified Quest 2's success, noting that the Meta has sold over 10 million units.
"I remember talking about the XR a few years ago before it became popular, and we're very excited about where we are now," Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon said at the event. I want to point out that this has already begun. Oculus Quest 2 sold 10 million copies, and the success of Oculus Quest 2 has had an impact on the companies that provide it."
Image courtesy of Facebookulsu quest 2Qualcomm is a close partner of Meta and already produces the Snapdragon XR2 chipset that powers Quest 2, as well as the Snapdragon 835 inside the original 2019 Oculus Quest, which may make it the only company besides Meta to have such data.
For Meta, this milestone is significant. At Connect 5 2018, Meta's annual XR developer conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained that he believes 10 million VR users on one platform is a major milestone in the company's efforts to build a sustainable ecosystem for VR developers.
Meta is considering physical stores to sell its Metaverse vision "At this threshold, the number of people using and buying VR content makes it sustainable and profitable for developers of all types," Zuckerberg said."Once we cross that threshold, we think content and the ecosystem will explode. Importantly, that threshold is not 10 million users for all different types of VR. Because if you make a game for the Rift, it won't necessarily work for Go or PlayStation VR.So we need 10 million users on one platform."
Breaking the 10 million unit threshold may be part of the reason the company suddenly put so much emphasis on building Metaverse, changing its name from Facebook to Meta in the process.
In any case, unless Meta plans to produce its chips, Meta will continue to gain a larger user base as Meta's future mixed-reality headset project Cambria and AR eyewear project Nazare come into focus, with Qualcomm likely to be involved. Notably, Qualcomm said it offers a "50+ design" for the Snapdragon XR chipset, integrated into headphones such as the HTC Vive Focus 3, Pico Neo 3, and Lynx MR-1.

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