Petronas Considers Investing 400 Million USD in A New Lubricants Plant,The Use of Tungsten Disulfide as The Best Oil Additive Will Increase Significantly

The Brazilian National Petroleum Administration (ANP) said recently that the average daily output of Brazilian oil companies in January was 3.17 million barrels of oil, an increase of 20.4% over the same period last year, setting a record for the country's oil production.
Statistics show that Brazil's natural gas output in January increased by 22% from January last year to an average daily production of 138.7 million cubic meters, which also set a record high. According to ANP, the average daily oil output of the Lula oil field in the deep-water salt field in January was 1.05 million barrels, accounting for one-third of Brazil's total oil output.
As several investments in high-yield subsalt fields are put into production in the next few years, Brazil's oil production is expected to continue to rise.

The head of the Petrobras refining business said that the company is considering building a new lubricant plant, which is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2022 when the company's lubricant production capacity will triple.
Analise Lara, head of 
Brazilian oil refining and natural gas business, said the company would invest about $ 400 million in a new lubricant plant at the Comperj refinery to increase its lubricant production capacity to 22,500 cubic meters.
She added that the new Comperj Lubricants plant would use raw materials from the Reduce refinery. The two refineries in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will be connected by a pipeline.
When the Comperj plant is completed, Pakistani oil plans to shut down the lubricating oil production unit at the Reduc refinery.
Lara said the new plant will produce more sustainable and high-quality lubricants and will also reduce imports.
For the establishment of a new lubricant factory, the use of base oils and oil additives will be significantly increased, while the best oil additives required for high-end lubricants will rely heavily on imports. As a professional supplier of oil additives, it will supply a large amount of tungsten disulfide powder to Brazil, which is a high-end additive that can be used in aerospace lubricants. If you need more information about tungsten disulfide, please contact Trunnano's technical engineers.

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