Production technology of silicon powder


There are many ways to make silicon powder from silicon blocks. Among them, the effect is better, and the application is more Ramon, roll, disc grinding, and impact spinning methods. The equipment used is the Raymond method, roll machine, disc mill (a vertical mill), and impact spinning method. On the pulverization principle, the first three are extrusion crushing; the last one is impact crushing; in terms of its structure, they are very different, each has its characteristics, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The best dosage of water-reducing agent: the use of silica powder in concrete, such as without water reducing agent, want to maintain the same mobility, it is necessary to increase the water consumption, water cement ratio increase, and the strength of concrete with silica powder does not go up, which is also the reason why silica powder has not been promoted in concrete in the past. The water-cement ratio of silica powder and the water-reducing agent is unchanged when mixed with silica powder; even if the water consumption does not increase, it can also achieve the same fluidity as that of concrete without silica powder, and the strength and other properties of silica powder concrete are greatly improved. Generally, high-efficiency naphthalene series water-reducing agents are used in China, such as Jian1, H, DH3, FDN, NF, N2, etc. Its content is generally less than 1% of the amount of rubber material, and sometimes to reduce the water-cement ratio, mixing ultra-high strength concrete, the content of water-reducing agent up to 2% ~ 3%. Adjustment of the sand and stone: silica powder generally does not need to adjust the amount of sand and rock. The volume of sand and gravel equal to the importance of silica powder shall be deducted from the mixing of silica powder. Because silicon metal is a complicated and fragile material, the grinding process of sieve residue can not be effectively controlled, over grinding phenomenon is severe, resulting in an enormous waste of products, high production costs, product particle size not being up to standard, resulting in the product is not competitive. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective Silicon powder, or if you require the latest price of Silicon powder, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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