Protein active substance type foaming agent of cement foaming agent (third generation foaming agent)


The protein-type foaming agent is a high-grade foaming agent with good performance and good development prospects. From the general development trend, it will occupy an increasing proportion of applications in recent years. Although its price is very high (mostly above 15,000 yuan/ton), the market will still accept it due to its good performance. The protein foaming agent is a surface-active substance. Their common outstanding advantage is that the foam is remarkably stable, can last a long time without foaming, and the defoaming time is mostly longer than 24h, which other types of foaming agents can not reach. In addition, there is a satisfactory foaming ratio. Although its foaming capacity is not as good as synthetic anionic surfactants, but also in the middle level, so it is alright. Therefore, the foaming agent of foreign developed countries is mainly protein. Most of the protein foaming agents in China were initially imported from Italy, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries. In recent years, more and more domestic products have been produced. But generally speaking, the quality of imported products is still higher than that of household products. If the performance of the domestic protein foaming agent is to reach the level of the imported one, efforts should be made to improve further and improve the technology. Protein foaming agents from the raw material composition are animal and plant proteins, two kinds. Animal protein and hydrolyzed animal hoof horn type, hydrolyzed hair type, hydrolyzed blood gel type three; Plant protein can be divided into tea soap type and saponin type according to different plant raw materials. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective foaming agent, or if you require the latest price of foaming agent, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.


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