Research and Application of Bismuth Telluride Thermoelectric Materials


Thermoelectric materials are functional materials that directly convert electrical and thermal energy based on the Seebeck and Peltier effects. Thermoelectric materials have become critical for forward-looking and strategic new energy technologies such as thermoelectric refrigeration and power generation. Bismuth telluride-based alloy materials have been widely used in aerospace, microelectronics, unique power supplies, and other fields as the best thermoelectric materials near room temperature. Due to the low thermoelectric properties of bismuth telluride-based thermoelectric materials in the mid and low-temperature regions of 200-300 , their application is further expanded. Therefore, it is of crucial practical significance to research optimizing the thermoelectric properties of bismuth telluride-based thermoelectric materials in the mid and low-temperature regions. Thermoelectric materials can directly convert thermal and electrical energy and are less affected by the scale of the energy exchange system. They have essential application prospects in slight electronic equipment cooling, waste heat power generation, and microsensors. Especially for wearable and flexible electronic products that are developing rapidly, thermoelectric materials can utilize the temperature difference between the skin and the environment to generate electricity or monitor temperature and other information in real-time. New application requirements have led to a gradual trend in the research direction of thermoelectric materials and devices toward flexibility, miniaturization, and high-density integration. Compared to traditional bulk thermoelectric materials, thermoelectric thin film materials are easier for flexibility and miniaturization and can further improve their thermoelectric properties through microstructure control. They are gradually becoming a research hotspot in this field. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective bismuth telluride, or if you require the latest price of bismuth telluride, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.


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