Silica aerogel preparation and applications

What is Silica aerogel?
Aerogel is a solid form of matter, the least dense solid in the world. The density is 3 kilograms per cubic meter. The common aerogel is silicon aerogel, which was first made by American scientist Kistler in 1931 because of a bet with his friends. There are many kinds of aerogels, including silicon, carbon, sulfur, metal oxide, metal, and so on. Aerogel is a compound word, where aero is the adjective, meaning flying, the gel is a gel. It means flying gel. The gel of any substance can be called aerogel as long as it can keep its shape unchanged after removing the internal solvent after drying, and the product has high porosity and low density.


Silica aerogel feature
Aerogel, as the world's lightest solid, has entered the Guinness Book of World Records. The new material has a density of just 3.55 kilograms per cubic meter, just 2.75 times that of air; Dry pine (500 kilograms per cubic meter) is 140 times denser. The substance looks like solidified smoke, but its composition is similar to glass. Because of its extremely low density, it is ideal for aerospace applications. The new aerogel developed by Dr. Jones at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is mainly composed of pure silica and so on. In the process, liquid silicone compounds are first mixed with a liquid solvent that evaporates quickly to form a gel, which is then dried in an instrument similar to a pressurized digester and heated and depressurized to form a porous, spongy structure. Dr. Jones ended up with an aerogel that was 99.8% air.
Silica aerogel preparation method
Aerogel was originally named by S.Kistler. Because he successfully prepared silica aerogel by supercritical drying method, aerogel was defined as the material obtained by supercritical drying wet gel, which is called aerogel. In the mid and late 90 s, with the emergence and development of atmospheric pressure drying technology, mid and late 90 s generally accepted definition of aerogel is: no matter what kind of drying method, as long as it is will be replaced by a gas-liquid of wet gel, gel network structure basic keep unchanged at the same time, this material is called aerogel. The structure of aerogel is characterized by a cylindrical multi-branched nanoporous three-dimensional network with high permeability, high porosity, very low density, high specific surface area, and ultra-high pore volume ratio, and its volume density is adjustable in the range of 0.003-0.500 g/cm-3. (The density of air is 0.00129 g/cm-3).
Silica aerogel Supplier
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