Silicon Powder Properties


Many manufacturers require pure metals in various shapes to add as additives when making products. These metals provide different properties to the products, such as hardening metals, providing corrosion resistance, or reducing oxidation. Silicon is one metal found in many industries due to its versatility and cost-effectiveness. Pure silicon powder has a fine consistency that allows it to be shaken, pressed, and bonded to other materials based on grain size. Silicon is a chemical that has similarities to carbon and tin. It is considered extremely hard and brittle. It does not react to water, oxygen, or acids. This stability makes it ideal for various applications where the other base metals or applications must maintain their original characteristics in varying environments.

The silicon expands when it freezes and bonds with varying metals and other chemicals to create a uniform seal. It is also a reinforcing agent and resists corrosion and oxidation. When powdered, the chemical is waterproof, tolerates high temperatures well, and offers electrical insulation. Silicon lumps are broken up and milled into specific grain sizes to create silicon powder. Some main applications for silicon powder include the following Adhesives & Coatings: Silicon powder has excellent bonding capabilities, making it ideal when used in sprays and coatings on varying surfaces to create a sure bond. It also prevents corrosion and oxidation due to having no reactions to water or acids. When it comes to synthetic materials, silicon powder is highly used. Due to its water resistance, temperature tolerances, and electrical insulation properties, it is the basic metal for silicone rubbers, resins, and oils. Silicon powder offers anti-wearing and anti-aging properties. It is placed in lubricants and oils as the silicon allows the liquids to flow smoothly over metal surfaces. It forms a film over the parts to provide enhancements to friction performance. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective Silicon powder, or if you require the latest price of Silicon powder, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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