Synthesis and characterization of Graphite


A schematic illustration of the synthesis of Graphite. Without transition metal catalysts, CO2 is directly converted into Graphite without the graphitization of amorphous carbon at high temperatures. The variation of sample temperatures and gas pressures with time in the synthesis process was recorded. In the initial stage, the sample temperature and gas pressure increased linearly with time at a constant heating rate of 2 °C min−1. When the CO2‒LiAlH4 sample is heated to 126 °C, the sample temperature jumps to 876 °C in 3 s, implying the exothermic reactions between CO2 and LiAlH4. A steep increase in gas pressure with time is simultaneously observed due to dramatic temperature changes. The value for gas pressure changes is 36 bar in the wide temperature range of 126‒876 °C, much less than 57 bar of linear pressure changes in the narrow temperature range of 35‒126 °C, indicating that considerable amounts of CO2 are consumed to react with LiAlH4. After removing impurities in the solid products of exothermic reactions, the as-obtained black powder is confirmed to be Graphite. It is a remarkable fact that the synthesis temperature of our Graphite is the lowest one reported to date, and the reaction time is the shortest one as well. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective Graphite, or if you require the latest price, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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