The Role Of Concrete Water Reducing Agents


Water-reducing agents can reduce the time the concrete takes to harden and the cement amount used for each concrete unit, thus reducing costs and saving cement. According to the capacity of water reduction, the water-reducing agents are available in different categories, including standard water-reducing agents, high-performance PCE superplasticizers, SNF superplasticizers, and other water-reducing agents. Many essential characteristics relating to the concrete are mainly influenced by a ratio (by weight) of w/cm (water to cementitious materials) used in a mixture. By reducing the water, the paste (cement) will achieve a higher density, resulting in a better paste quality. When the quality of the paste increases, it yields higher flexural and compressive strength, lowers permeability, increases weathering resistance, improves the reinforcements and bond of the concrete, decreases the volume change that occurs from wetting and drying and lowers cracking tendencies caused by shrinkage. Concrete water-reducing agents or admixtures are defined as "Type A" in ASTM C 494. WRA mainly impacts the "fresh characteristics" of concrete in the way of decreasing the water used (the amount) by 5% to 12% while still maintaining a specific consistency level measured by "the slump," which is prescribed in the ASTM C 143-90. WRA use may retard or accelerate the time that it takes for the concrete to set. WRAs designed to retard the setting time to over 3 hours later are classified as WRAs with retarding effects, also known as Type D. WRAs that are commonly used include hydrocarboxylic (HC) and lignosulfonates acids. When using HC acids as a WRA, the concrete will require a higher content of water when compared to lignosulfonates. Rapid bleeding is one of the issues for concrete treated with HC acids. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective water-reducing agent, or if you require the latest price of a water-reducing agent, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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