The Use of Oil Additives Will Be An Important Solution to Energy Consumption

Friction is an unavoidable natural phenomenon. The fuel used to reduce the friction and wear of mechanical parts each year accounts for 1/3 of the total fuel consumption. Besides, friction can cause unproductive loss of mechanical energy, shorten the life of the machine, and reduce mechanical efficiency. To solve the above problems, it is particularly essential to find substances that can reduce friction and reduce wear. Therefore, lubricants are added, and to improve the tribological properties of oils; appropriate additives are often added to the lubricants. Oil additive refers to a single agent or a mixture of several individual agents that are mixed according to a certain proportion and blending technology and can meet the requirements of a certain quality level.

In 2019, the global lubricating oil additive production and consumption amounted to nearly 4 million tons, of which viscosity index improvers accounted for almost 28% of the total global lubricating oil additives; the second was dispersants, accounting for more than 27% of the global total lubricating oil additives The third is detergent, which accounts for 19% of the total global lubricating oil additives; anti-wear agents and antioxidants account for 10% and 8% of global lubricating oil additives, respectively, and other additives account for about 8%.
The consumption of lubricant additives in North America accounts for 27% of the total global use of lubricant additives; the use of lubricant additives in Western Europe accounts for 14% of the total global consumption; the consumption of lubricant additives in China is slightly higher than that in Western Europe, accounting for about 15%; Latin America is also the leading consumer of lubricant additives, with a consumption ratio of about 11%; lubricant consumption of other countries and regions accounts for 33% of global consumption. North America is the world's largest consumer of lubricant additives. Nine companies are producing antiwear lubricant agents in China. Among them, Luoyang Tongrun Info Technology Co., Ltd. can provide high-quality lubricant additives.

Luoyang Tongrun Info Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of special lubricant additives. Trunnano brand lubricant additives are widely used in the manufacture of lubricant products. Trunnano provides support and services for the development of the global lubricant industry!

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