The Xbox mini fridges were sold out

After months of memes and anticipation, Microsoft announced the "Xbox Series X Refrigerator" on Tuesday for online preorders. The mini fridge sold out almost immediately, with some gaming sites reporting that it sold out in 15 minutes, while others said it sold out in about 30 seconds.
Back in April, when Xbox was engaged in a Twitter "battle of brandsr" with Skittles, many in the gaming world had noticed some similarities between the Xbox Series X console and a refrigerator. Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox Gaming marketing, promised that if Xbox wins, the company will make these mini-fridge memes a reality.
Xbox won by a whisker, and the company did. Greenberg announced last week that the Xbox Series X replica "mini Fridge" will be available in time for holiday shoppers. 

For $100, fans can buy a fridge that holds up to 12 soda cans and has two snack shelves inside. The matte black fridge also includes a USB port on the front to charge the device and a DC power adapter to keep it working on the go.
"Mini Fridge, developed in collaboration with Ukonic!"
It gives Xbox and Chills a whole new meaning."
"With LEDs and surface features similar to Xbox Series X, your friends will be surprised to see their cravings met!"
The fridges were only available at Target in the US and, unsurprisingly, quickly sold out. According to Game Spot, the items "quickly sold out, we're bombarded with reviews, and appeared on auction sites at high prices". Roughly three-quarters of the reviewers on Target gave the fridge a one-star rating out of five, which Game Spot said was probably due to people being frustrated that they couldn't order in time.
Members of the club can head to eBay, where refrigerators are already priced between $300 and $400. Or they can wait until December when there will be more Xbox products for sale.

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