The applications of Spherical Aluminum Oxide Powder

An overview of Spherical Al Oxide Powder
Alumina is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula Al2O3.It is a high-hardness compound and is also called bauxite in mining,ceramics and materials science.It is a white solid insoluble in water,odorless,tasteless,and very hard in nature.It is easy to absorb moisture but does not deliquescence (non-hygroscopic after burning).Alumina is a typical amphoteric oxide (corundum is alpha-shaped and belongs to the most densely packed hexagonal compound.It is an inert compound,slightly soluble in acid and alkali and corrosion resistant. It can be dissolved in organic acids and alkaline solutions but is almost insoluble when mixed with water.

Spherical Al2O3 Powder, CAS 1344-81-2

What applications can Spherical Aluminum oxide Powder be used for?
1.Paint: Porcelain paint, paint that is wear-resistant and plasma spraying.
2.Ceramics:transparent ceramics, bio-ceramics and alumina ceramics.
3.Petrochemical Products: High-efficiency catalysts, catalyst carriers and exhaust gas purification substances.
4.Polishing materials: sub-micron/nano-level abrasive materials,single crystal silicon wafer polishing, precision polishing materials.
5.Illumination: Long afterglow phosphor raw materials and rare earth three-color phosphor raw materialshigh-pressure sodium lamp tubes, LED lights, etc.
6.Electronic products include integrated circuit substrates, single-crystal materials, and far infrared substances.
7.Cosmetics - cosmetic fillers
8.Inorganic Membrane Materials
Alumina Al2O3 has a range of applications. This abrasive can finely grind rough surfaces of workpieces. It's one of most affordable abrasives. This type of synthetic, sharp-cutting abrasive can also be made from water chestnut. You can use it for cutting the hardest materials, but you also have the option to make it into a pebble shape in order to work with small pieces. Because of its sharpness and high density it can be used for cutting.
The principal supplier Spherical Aluminium Oxide Powder
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