The difference between iron oxides


There are five oxides (ferric oxide, ferrous oxide, ferric oxide, ferric oxide, ferric oxide, ferric oxide) of iron oxide, ferrous oxide FeO2, ferric oxide Fe2O3, ferric oxide Fe3O4, the ferrous oxide is also called ferric oxide, black powder, melting point is 1369±1, relative density is 5.7, soluble in acid, Insoluble in water and alkali solutions. Extremely unstable, easily oxidized to ferric oxide; Heat in the air will quickly deteriorate to ferric oxide. It is prepared by heating ferrous oxalate under air isolation. It is mainly used to make glass tint. Ferric oxide is brown red (red) or black powder, commonly known as iron red; its melting point is 1565, with a relative density of 5.24. It exists in nature in the form of hematite and is amphoteric. It reacts with an acid to form Fe() salt and with strong alkali to include [Fe(OH)6]3-. It has certain reducibility in a strong alkali medium and can be oxidized by a strong oxidant. Ferric oxide is insoluble in and does not interact with water. Burn... Ferrous iron, iron oxalate, and iron oxide can be made; it can also be caused by calcining pyrite in the air. It is commonly used as a pigment, polish, catalyst, and red powder. Ferric oxide is a black crystal, heated to the melting point (1594±5) at the same time decomposition, with a relative density of 5.18. It has excellent magnetic, also called "magnetic iron oxide." It is the main component of natural magnetite, and it is easy to oxidize into ferric oxide in the air under wet conditions. Insoluble in water, soluble in acid. Modern tests show that it is a mixed-valence compound of iron, and its chemical formula is FeFe[FeO4]. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective iron oxides, or if you require the latest price of iron oxides, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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