The impact of calcium stearate on characteristics of concrete


Moisture and aggressive ions transferring into concrete harm the durability of reinforced concrete structures. To tackle this problem, damp-proofing admixtures, like calcium stearate, can be incorporated into the concrete mixture design to restrict water and aggressive ions’ ingress into concrete. Calcium stearate is a damp-proofing admixture providing a water-repellent layer along the capillary pores. As a result, it can reduce the permeability of concrete under non-hydrostatic conditions. This study investigates the effects of calcium stearate on the properties of fresh and hardened concretes. To this end, 12 mixtures with different water-to-cementitious materials (w/cm) ratios but a constant ratio of cement paste-to-aggregate were prepared and moist-cured for 180 days. The significant outcomes of the new concrete analysis showed that a high dosage of calcium stearate in low w/cm ratios increased the air content and reduced the density of fresh concrete. It also decreased the workability of new concrete, regardless of the w/cm ratio and the dosage of calcium stearate. The findings of compressive strength analysis indicated that calcium stearate reduced compressive strength, even when a low dosage of calcium stearate was added to the concrete mixture. Based on permeability test results, calcium stearate could improve permeability under non-hydrostatic pressure. However, the incorporation of calcium stearate was not found to be a practical approach to decreasing permeability under hydrostatic pressure. Finally, microstructure analysis showed that CS harms the transient interfacial zone. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective Water-based calcium stearate, or if you require the latest price of Water-based calcium stearate, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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