The new nanomaterial is born, which can make the filtering efficiency of masks reach over 99.5%

Because of the severe outbreak of COVID-19, the mask have become an essential medical product.
Recently, a team of experts from China Central Plains Institute of Technology has developed a new nanofiber filter, which may break people's general perception of the screen.
According to reports, the filtering effect of this material can reach more than 99.5%, and it is thinner and lighter. If you have to make a simple analogy, using a mask of this material is like "N995". In the future, our protective clothing, air purifiers, and even window screens may use this material.
Application of this new material in the field of window screens
At present, the traditional mask filter material manufacturing process is 'micron-level' melt-blown technology, and the latest product uses 'nano-level' linear electrode electrostatic spinning technology.
Traditional disposable medical masks and N95 masks mainly rely on the "static adsorption" of melt-blown non-woven fabrics as the primary filtering means. They will gradually lose static electricity after contact with water and other substances, resulting in a significant reduction in filtering effect.

The new nanofiber air filter material mainly relies on the "physical pore size" filtration principle. Generally speaking, this filter material uses a finer "mesh" to achieve the filtering effect.
"As long as the physical structure is not damaged, the filtration efficiency can be stable above 80% even after the static electricity is completely removed." Professor He introduced.
What are the advantages of masks made of new nanomaterials? How about breathability?

"Compared with traditional masks, masks made with this new material will be lighter and thinner." Professor He said that traditional N95 masks weigh about 40-60g. After using the new technology they developed, the masks only need 15-18g. Nanomaterials only account for approximately 4g. This new nanomaterial can also be used in protective clothing, making protective clothing lighter.

Besides, this technology can also make the material have a biological sterilization function by doping the dope with nanosilver and Chinese herbal medicine extract.

In the future, not only can it be used in the field of epidemic prevention materials such as masks, but also the areas of air purifier filters, window screens, and other fields.

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