The number of COVID-19 infections in South Korea, Italy, and the United Kingdom continues to rise, and the Italian economy will be affected, but the government has introduced some measures

South Korea increased 586 new crowns confirmed cases in 3.1 days, cumulative 3736 instances.
As of 4 pm, 586 newly confirmed cases of new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection were reported on that day in Korea, and a total of 3,736 cases were confirmed. As of now, 95.185 million people have been tested for the new crown virus except those diagnosed, of which 61.825 million have been negative, while the remaining 33.36 million have not been released.
12 new crown disease cases in the UK, totaling 35
The Italian government will invest 3.6 billion euros to help deal with the economic recession caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, which is equivalent to 0.2% of Italy's annual GDP. Gualtieri said he believes the European Union will agree with Italy to increase its budget deficit in 2020, and the euro group finance minister will discuss the situation by phone next week.
 The Italian epidemic center is the industrial center of Italy in the north, which is vital to the Italian economy. Among them, the industrial output of the Lombardy region accounts for 40% of the entire industrial production of Italy, and the capital of Milan is one of Italy's financial centers and one of the world's fashion centers.
 However, due to the problematic epidemic situation in the northern region, the government has ordered the closure of more than ten cities and towns, and more than 50,000 people have been isolated at home. The epidemic will have a significant impact on the Italian economy, especially tourism.

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