There are several unrevealed questions for the oxidation process of graphite


What is the oxygen-containing functional groups' intrinsic formation and conversion path on GO? Several groups proposed that epoxy is the primary functional group, and the local strain induced by the oxygen-containing functional groups results in the cutting of graphene sheets. After exposure to water, acid catalyzes the hydrolysis of epoxide to form hydroxyl groups. Chen et al. proposed that epoxy and hydroxyl groups can be formed by directly attacking graphite sheets with •O• and HO• radicals. (ii) How can the strong oxidizing medium stabilize the oxygen-containing functional groups? The oxidized domains decorated with reactive functional groups such as epoxy and hydroxyl should be unstable in the strong oxidizing system. While during the oxidation process, the GO composition and the structure do not change significantly after reaching a threshold oxidation degree,  implying the chemical stability of functional groups in the oxidizing medium. (iii) Why does it consist of randomly distributed oxidized and graphitic domains? Manipulation of the stoichiometry of GO tailors its optoelectronic and physicochemical properties. The formation mechanism and size control of the graphitic and oxidized domains should be of great importance for the synthesis of GO with tunable properties. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective Graphite, or if you require the latest price, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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