Thermal Conductivity foaming agent


The thermal conductivity results are presented in the same manner as in the previous section. Consequently, the measured values of the thermal conductivity tests were collected depending on the various components used in the examined foam concrete. Generally, as previously described (Section 2), the enhanced thermal properties of conventional concrete were proven. Generally, the measured thermal conductivity values range from 0.048 Wm−1K −1 to 0.079 Wm−1K −1 for air-dry densities below 500 kg/m3. Similarly, as expected, the thermal characteristics follow the thickness and the thermal conductivity decreases with the decrease in the density due to the higher amount of air voids.

Nevertheless, the dependency of the thermal properties on the FC composition was also detected in the influence of metakaolin, siliceous fly ash (SFA), and calcareous fly ash (CFA) used as a part of the binder is shown. Similarly, as in the compressive strength investigation, the measured thermal conductivity showed that metakaolin is the best binder supplement added to OPC. The samples made of OPC mixed with metakaolin give values in the range of 0.058 to 0.076 Wm−1K−1 for the air-dry densities between 240 kg/m3 and 380 kg/m3. The foam concrete with OPC blended with SFA or CFA showed slightly higher values of 0.057–0.08 Wm−1K−1 for the same density range. Concurrently, a slight difference was observed between SFA and CFA for the densities of 300–400 kg/m3, with lower values of thermal conductivity for the foam concrete with SFA (Figures 14 and 17). It may also be noted that no difference between metakaolin, SFA, and CFA was detected for the most negligible tested density of 240 kg/m3. If you are looking for a high quality, high purity, and cost-effective foaming agent, or if you require the latest price, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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