This approach is applied here to the properties of TiB2


The bane of all ceramic materials is that a particular measured property value for a particular specimen may depend on a particular feature of the particular microstructure of that particular specimen. In the absence of tightly controlled processing procedures, the best that one can do as a means of generically characterizing such a material is to establish trends of values that correlate with changes in the microstructure and composition. Given such trends, it should then be possible to interpolate to a set of property values for a single constrained composition and microstructure such that the set is consistent concerning the trends and known mutual property relations. Fortunately, the trend of property value across a range of microstructures depends on the statistical characterization of the microstructure. Therefore, the property value trend may have a discernable correlation with one or more microstructure statistics, such as mean grain size, pore size, or bulk density. This approach is applied here to the properties of TiB2. Single crystal TiB2 exhibits hexagonal symmetry, with space group P6/mmm. The lattice parameters have a slight quadratic dependence on the temperature, which accounts for the linear temperature dependence of the coefficient of thermal expansion. The ratio c/a ranges from (1.066±0.001) at 25 °C to (1.070±0.001) at 1500 °C. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective Titanium diboride, or if you require the latest price of Titanium diboride, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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