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Three industrial applications of nano-diamond powder

As a super-hard abrasive, nano-diamond powder has the incomparably superior grinding ability, which is increasingly highly valued by various industrial developed countries. The crushing capacity of nano-diamond powder includes the grinding ability of the workpiece and its resistance to wear and crushing, which depends on its microhardness, particle size, strength, particle shape, and thermal and chemical stability.
In summary, the nano-diamond powder is mainly used as an abrasive in the grinding or polishing process of bonding tools, electroplating tools, industrial, and medical precision components.
To being used as an abrasive material, the application of nano-diamond powder is also used as a functional material. For example, it is using its thermal and electrical properties. By mixing the nano-diamond powder into thermosetting resin polymer, cellulose, phenolic resin, or ceramic sheet, a la new material with improved thermal conductivity and reduced thermal expansion can be made. By mixing the nano-diamond powder into metal flakes, such as nickel flakes or stainless steel flakes, new flake materials with high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, and lightweight can be made into high-density high-energy devices for heat in the electronics industry control.
According to statistics, more than 60% of the nano-diamond powder consumed in the industry by a diamond as an abrasive material in the world is used to make a diamond paste, nano-diamond powder mixture and nano-diamond powder grinding liquid.
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