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Trunnano Supply Boron Nitride Powder With Excellent Value For Money

Luoyang Trunnano is one of the best boron nitride powder manufacturer in the world.

Luoyang City, China- Trunnano is pleased to announce that they offer different particle sizes boron nitride powders and application solutions, at highly affordable rates.

Based in China, Luoyang Trunnano is one of the leading boron nitride technology development and product manufacturers in the world.

Trunnano company has successfully developed a series of boron nitride powders. Trunnano's boron nitride powder can be widely used as metal forming release agent, high temperature solid lubricant, extrusion antiwear additives, additives for the production of ceramic composites, refractories and antioxidant additives, etc.
Trunnano boron nitride powder can significantly improve the performance of various hard alloy materials, have lower dielectric constant and higher thermal conductivity, meet the requirement of electronics that work under extreme conditions.

"Our professional working team provides the perfect solutions to help people select the correct boron nitride powder," says Roger, one of Trunnano 's technical director.

"Additionally, these solutions create value, enable customers to deal with various challenges they face easily, and save money while doing so."

As a leading expert in the manufacturing of boron nitride for many years, Trunnano exports different sizes boron nitride powder, nanoparticles and micron grade, which can be transported anywhere in the world.

Different sizes of boron nitride powders prvide include:






For more information about Trunnano, or to place an order, please visit the company's website at

About the Company

To ensure the company's core competitiveness and product technology content, Trunnano is committed to the R&D and application of solid lubricant, antioxidants, extreme pressure antiwear additives, and ceramic composites additives.

Trunnano can provide professional solutions for scientific research institutions, various hard alloy material company, and lubrication technology. Trunnano boron nitride is widely used in the production of lubricant, hard alloy, ceramic composites. Trunnano is providing support and services for the global customers.

Media Contact

Company Name: Trunnano

Contact Person: Amy


Phone: 86-379-64280201

Country: China



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