Types of synthetic graphite


Fine-grain graphite: Some special property combinations of graphite can only be obtained if fine-grained solids are used. Therefore, the so-called fine-grain graphite was developed and produced by a grinding process. Fine-grain graphite is graphite with a grain size of less than 1 mm. Some fine-grain graphite even has a grain size of less than 1 µm. Isostatic graphite: "Isostatic graphite" stands for isostatically formed graphite. The raw material mixture is compacted into rectangular or round blocks in a cold-isostatic press (CIP). Compared to other techniques, such as extrusion or vibration moulding, this technology can produce the most isotropic form of synthetic graphite. In addition, isostatic graphite generally has the smallest grain sizes of all synthetic graphite.

Today, iso graphite represents a large part of the fine-grain graphite market and has found applications in over 30 different industries, from nuclear and metallurgical applications to semiconductor, solar and many others. Extruded Graphite: Extruded graphite is produced by extrusion. Compared to isostatic graphite, it has a coarser grain size and lower strength but higher thermal and electrical conductivity. Vibration Molded Graphite, Vibration moulded graphite is characterized by a homogeneous structure and typically a medium grain size. The material has a planar isotropic, i.e. almost isotropic property profile and can be produced in large formats. Die-moulded graphite: The material class of die-moulded carbon and graphite includes amorphous, graphite and the so-called carbon graphite, a composite of hard carbon and graphite. These materials have a fine to ultra-fine grain size and can also exhibit a high anisotropy due to the axial forming process. This variety of materials results in an extremely wide range of property profiles in terms of strength, frictional behaviour and conductivity. For example, materials have been developed that exhibit specific tribological or electrical properties. These can be further enhanced by suitable impregnation with synthetic resin, phosphates or metals. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective graphite or require the latest price, please email contact mis-asia.

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