VR controller is supported in Microsoft flight simulators

A year after launching VR headset support, Microsoft's Flight Simulator finally supports VR controllers.

As promised, this feature was implemented in last week's annual Game update and is free to existing game owners. The VR controller lets you browse the game's menus and interact more directly with the plane's cockpit. You'll be able to grab the yoke to steer (although this is with your joystick, not motion control) and interact with equipment around the cockpit.
Microsoft Flight Simulator VR Controller SupportThe lack of VR controller support was one of the biggest issues we had with Flight Simulator, which we released last year, although you can still use specialized flying sticks for an immersive experience. We also raised a heavy performance cost issue, which was addressed but not fixed in other updates.
Note that only one controller is active at a time, and not every plane has adapted to support the new control.
Elsewhere, the annual game update includes five new planes, including a Boeing F/ A-18 Super Hornet, and a German eVTOL called VoloCity, which developer Asobo says is a sign of 2022 to come. There are also new airports and missions, as well as updated photogrammetric cities and more.
We'll go back to Microsoft's flight simulator to see how much VR controller support improves the overall experience. Are you going to start again?

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