What Role Does Aluminum Alloy Play In The Metal Packaging Industry?

Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of low density, good mechanical properties, good processing performance, non-toxic, easy to recycle, excellent electrical conductivity, heat transfer and corrosion resistance, etc., in the marine industry, chemical industry, aerospace, metal packaging, transportation, etc. Widely used in the field.
Application in the metal packaging industry
Aluminum alloy can be used for metal packaging. It has the following excellent characteristics: good mechanical properties, light weight, high compressive strength, durable, easy to store and transport goods; good barrier properties, can prevent damage to goods from sunlight, oxygen and humid environments , Can extend the shelf life of items; good texture and aesthetics, aluminum alloy used for packaging has a unique metallic luster, good touch, beautiful, and improve product quality; non-toxic and easy to recycle, can be recycled, save resources, and reduce environmental pollution. Aluminum alloy is widely used in beer, beverage and other food cans, mostly in stamping and drawing forming structure.

Aluminum foil utensils are beautiful, light in weight, and good in heat transfer. They are used for fast food packaging. They have the functions of preservation, taste preservation and non-toxicity, and are used by more and more food industries. The aluminum alloy metal hose can be squeezed and deformed, and the contents can be used after squeezing. It is simple and convenient. It is often used for cream cosmetic packaging.

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