What can change Fe2+ to Fe3+


Example: Acidified manganate(VII) ions are a powerful oxidizing agent. They can oxidize Fe2+ ions to Fe3+ ions. At the same time, the manganate(VII) ions are reduced to Mn2+ ions. It is a reduction because the oxidation state of the iron ion decreases. We see it explicitly in the following half-reaction: Fe3++e−Fe2+ F e 3 + + e − F e 2 +. The iron (III) ion gains an electron to become the iron (II) ion. Which is more reactive, Fe2+ or Fe3+, and why? Fe3+ has more chemical potential than Fe2+, and it reacted faster and to a greater extent with Zn. The emf for the half-reaction Fe3+ + 3e Fe is greater than that for the half-reaction Fe2+ + 2e Fe.

Therefore, Fe3+ is a stronger oxidizing agent than Fe2+. The oxidizing agent is the species that undergoes reduction and helps the oxidation process occur. So here, in this particular reaction, the oxidizing agent is MnO4–, and the reducing agent is Fe2+. This means that Fe3+ can gain an electron easily to form Fe2+, making it the strongest oxidizing agent. It turns out that the oxidation of Fe2+ is much easier when the iron is complexed with hydroxide. There are important environmental implications for this oxidation process. But reduction potential is decided concerning SHE. This means that if you combine Fe3+ solution with Hydrogen gas, Fe3+ should be reduced to Fe2+, and hydrogen gas should be oxidized. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective iron oxide, or if you require the latest price of iron oxide, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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