What color can iron oxide change after high temperature


Iron oxide is an inorganic, red, or dark red amorphous powder. Hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid are insoluble in water and slightly soluble in nitric acid. Covering and coloring power is very strong, with no oil or water permeability—stable in the atmosphere and sunlight, resistant to dirty gas, high temperature, and alkali. The dry process products of this product are coarse and stiff, suitable for magnetic materials, polishing, and grinding materials. Wet-process products have fine crystalline particles and are soft and ideal for the coating and ink industry. Below 1350, iron oxide should not decompose and remain the original color of iron oxide (generally red, that is, iron red). Above 1400, it will decompose into black Fe3O4 and O2. Barium carbonate, chemical formula BaCO3, molecular weight 197.35. Hexagonal fine crystal or white powder. It decomposes at 1450 and releases carbon dioxidefrom barium oxide, which is still a white solid.

Expansion: Iron oxide, alias ferric oxide, burnt limonite, burnt ocher, iron Dan, iron red, red powder, Venetian red (mainly composed of iron oxide), etc. The chemical formula Fe2O3, dissolved in hydrochloric acid, is a reddish-brown powder. At high temperatures, the chemical compounds of CO, H?, Al, C, Si, etc. Fe2O3+2Al= Ignition =2Fe+Al2O3Fe2O3+3CO= High temperature =2Fe+3CO22Fe2O3+3C= High temperature =4Fe+3CO22Fe2O3+3Si= High temperature =4Fe+3SiO2 Barium carbonate, chemical formula BaCO3, molecular weight 197.35. Hexagonal fine crystal or white powder. Insoluble in water, density 4.43 g/cm 3, melting point barium carbonate molecular structure figure 1740(8820 kph -90 atmospheres). It decomposes at 1450 and releases carbon dioxide. Slightly soluble in water containing carbon dioxide. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective iron oxides, or if you require the latest price of iron oxides, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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