What color is iron oxide


Iron oxide is a reddish-brown solid. Iron oxide, or ferric oxide, with the chemical formula Fe2O3, is the main component of rust and hematite. The main cause of rust is that iron metal reacts with water and oxygen in the environment in the presence of impurities, carbon, and iron metal rust. If an iron metal comes into contact with an aqueous solution with a high concentration of ions, will it produce? Because ionic compounds are electrolytes, they promote the release of electrons in the metal, leading to rust. For example, there are droplets of seawater in offshore areas. Seawater contains sodium chloride, an ionic compound that oxidizes iron rapidly. Even water alone quickly absorbs acidic gases like carbon dioxide from the air, accelerating oxidation. In addition, much stainless steel forms a protective oxide layer, so the appearance of oxides has good resistance.

Still, the opposition to the formation of chloride is relatively poor. Presence of acid compounds: Factories emit acid gases that cause the formation of iron metals. Because acidic gases combine with water in the air to form electrolytes. High temperature: Iron will grow at higher temperatures. Scratched or twisted surface: Iron will succeed if it is scratched or tangled because the concave and convex characters tend to accumulate electrons. Contact with less active metals: Iron will form when it comes into contact with less active metals such as tin and copper.  If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective iron oxides, or if you require the latest price of iron oxides, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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